Thursday, May 27, 2010

A little Thursday randomness

I just finished watching Fantastic Mr. Fox with my little man. He loved it and I thought it was pretty cute too!

My mother in law will be flying in tonight for Kaylee's birthday party on Saturday and we couldn't be more excited! The little ones love when their Meme comes to visit. I can't believe we only have a few more days until Kaylee turns 5!! My baby girl is growing up way too fast. Here's the front of her birthday invite....

I'm off to clean! Hope you have a lovely Thursday and Memorial Day weekend! 

Love & Robots,


PaperCameraScissor said...

Happy Birthday to you Kaylee. I hope you have a super duper Hello Kitty birthday!!!

Sasha---have a great weekend and holiday!

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday to Kaylee!

Kristie said...

That invite is so cute! Kaylee is adorable! Happy Birthday sweet girl!

Ashley said...

Love the birthday card and I hope she had a great party!!

CaL said...

I LOVE that invite!!!

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday to her! I can't wait to see pictures of all the hello kitty cuteness!


laura elizabeth said...

oh my GAWSH - she is so darn cute!!!!!!!! Love the outfit. What a stlyin' little momma!! Plus, Fantastic Mr. Fox makes my heart skip a beat. It's such a charming movie!!

laura elizabeth