Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's almost time....

Once I hit 25 followers I will be having a lovely little giveaway, only 2 more to go! :)

I found these on we heart it this morning and I love them all......

Now I'm off to find some fun gifts for my April Happy Mail partner Jaymi, a few things for this cutie and giveaway stuff! 

Love & Robots,

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kaylee's First Crush...

Today Kaylee saw this guy for the first time....

Her eyes widened and she said "Mama, he's so handsome and he has nice hair." Then she tucked her hair behind her ear and listened with a huge smile on her face to him singing "Baby".

I played one of his videos on YouTube for her a little bit later and she just blushed. I think my baby girl has her first little crush.

Do you remember your first crush? Mine was Zach Morris. He was so dreamy! haha!

Love & Robots,


Just wanted to take a quick minute to say hello to all the ladies visiting via Janel's craft swap!! :)

Love & Robots,

Monday, March 29, 2010

Craft Swap

I mentioned last week that I am participating in Janel's craft swap and I was making button rings, well 30 rings later I am DONE!  It's going to be a little tough to part with these as I have many favorites, but I can always make more. :)

Here they are....all 30 of them....

See that one in the middle, it almost didn't make it in with the craft swap rings, I love love love it!!

I've had a few of you ask how to make them so I'll do a mini tutorial on it sometime in the next few days, your not going to believe how easy it is!  :)

Love & Robots,

Hello Monday....

If everything from this point forward goes south today it wouldn't bother me a bit.  In the last hour I have had everything I need to make this a great start to a wonderful week.

I woke up to two of the cutest kids in the world crawling in bed with me to cuddle.  Once they realized I was awake they whispered secrets in my ear of how much they love me, their dad and each other. They also told me how I'm their bestest friend in the whole wide world.

Once we got up out of bed and Harper was about it get in the bath he told me he had to go potty and did it all by himself, to say I was one happy mama would be an understatement, I was ecstatic!  Who ever said that boys are harder to potty train than girls weren't lying!  Harper has since said that he wants to go to the big boy potty all day so we will see how it goes. Either way it's a start!

Hope your Monday is off to a great start!!

Love & Robots,

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kickin it Old School

I came across this survey over at The Writer's Block and it looked too fun to pass up!

Did you listen to New Kids on the Block? fo sho!

Babysitters Club or Sweet Valley High books? Babysitters Club

Kids Incorporated or Mickey Mouse Club? Kids Incorporated!!

Did you want Dylan to end up with Brenda or Kelly? Brenda

Who would you rather have for a next door neighbor: Kimmy Gibler or Urkel? Kimmy!

Step by Step or Full House? Full House

Did you watch Double Dare? Yes I did

Who was your favorite character on Saved by the Bell? Kelly

Who was hotter: Zack or Slater? Zack! I thought he was so dreamy, haha!

Care Bears or Smurfs? Both please!

Rainbow Brite or Strawberry Shortcake? Rainbow Brite for me

Did you wear jelly shoes? yes

Did you own a Trapper Keeper? I owned several and they were cool!

Did you ever end a sentence with the word "Psych"? I think I still do on occasion.

What's your favorite song by Prince? Purple Rain

What lunchbox did you carry to school? I had a Scooby Doo one

Friendship pins or friendship bracelets? bracelets

Madonna or Cyndi Lauper? Cyndi Lauper of course!

Do you know what happened to Baby Jessica? Yes I do.

Corey Haim or Corey Feldman? Corey Haim

Where were you when the Challenger exploded? I was only 3 years old at the time so I was probably playing with no idea of what was going on.

Who was your favorite Facts of Life character? Blair

Pretty in Pink or Sixteen Candles? Sixteen Candles

Barbie or Jem? Jem for sure!

Did you watch After school Specials? yes and I loved them

Flashdance or Footloose? Footloose!!

Tiffany or Debbie Gibson? Debbie Gibson

Can you name a member of the Brat Pack? Why yes I can, Ally Sheedy.

Esprit or Forenza? Esprit

What was your favorite fashion fad? Banana clips, haha! I used to love those things!

What was your favorite tv show? Saved by the Bell, hands down.

What was your favorite cartoon? The Smurfs, Scooby Doo & Care Bears

Love & Robots,

How fun is this?

I recently stumbled upon Polyvore and it is so fun! It's almost like playing dress up. :)

Love & Robots,

Friday, March 26, 2010


I must confess......

I love the Jersey Shore, like LOOOOOVE it.  It's such trash TV but when it was on I couldn't seem to get enough of it.  So you can imagine my excitement when I found out there will be a season 2! I even tried to get the red headed fox to get "The Situation" on the back of his softball jersey, but that was an ill fated battle.

Starting early in the morning I will be getting my GTL on (gym, tan & laundry for those of you not familiar with the Jersey Shore lingo).  Well I'll be getting my gym on and laundry is a daily thing around here but I'm not to sure about the tanning. 

Love & Robots,

P.S. What's on your ipod? I'm trying to think of some new music to put on my beat laboratory and I'm drawing blanks so lemme know your favorite workout songs or just music that makes you want to move!!

Ready for the weekend!

Who else is excited about the weekend? I am thrilled it's here!

We will be watching this...
I will be catching up on this show before the new season starts...
I will be making a stop at this wonderful store....
We will be taking the kids to one of these.....
We will be taking the kids to get a delicious treat such as this.....
Lastly I will be doing a ton of schoolwork so I can finish my classes up and take this class next month......

What are your weekend plans?
Love & Robots,

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Busy, busy

Yesterday I joined in on Janel's craft swap and I couldn't be more excited!! The red headed fox has been at softball practice tonight so I have been making these button rings.  Sixteen down fourteen to go!

Love & Robots,

Dear Sonic

I love you.

Love & Robots

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Mail

Today I received my first Happy Mail package!  I was beyond thrilled and Gina completely made my day (which is saying allot because I had been having a pretty rad day to begin with!).

Gina -- You ROCK!  Thank you for being such a wonderful Happy Mail partner! I can't wait for you to get yours!! :)

I also received this beauty from my aunt Bebe yesterday....

She was recovering from surgery on my birthday so she sent me a belated present and I couldn't love it more, although it does make me sad that I can't go on over to her house and give her a great big hug for it, one of the several downsides of living so far from family I suppose.

Love & Robots,

Thrift {LOVE}

I found this adorable little mirror this past weekend.  I didn't mind the way it was when I bought it, but I love it so much more now that it's pink!!

The mirror looks dirty in these pictures but it actually has some type of marble design {for lack of better word} to it. I have it hanging in our bedroom and it fits perfectly!

What have you thrifted and loved lately?

Love & Robots,

Daddy to the rescue

Daddy can you beat just this one level for me.....pleeeeeease?

I think my son has a slight obsession with Kaylee's DS. It may be time for him to get his own non pink one.

Love & Robots,

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Ink

Over the past few months I've had several e-mails and more recently formspring questions about my tattoos. I thought it would be fitting to just have a post about them. I have 8 tattoos total and am not even close to being done so if anyone knows anywhere that is excellent here in Augusta let me know!

As you can plainly see I have Kaylee & Harper tattooed on my wrists.  These are two of my favorite tattoos for obvious reasons. I've had them for a little over a year now and love them just as much now as I did the day I got them. These were done by Jason at LaRudes in Killeen, Texas.

This was the second tattoo I ever got. I would like to have more done to this one but I'm not exactly sure what just yet.  I got this one at Bad Boys Tattoos in Galveston Texas.

I've been asked tons of times if this one hurt, but it was one of the least painful ones I've had.  It's 3 stars and my best friend and I both have them behind our left ears.  This one was done by the wonderful Jason Haney at LaRudes in Killeen, Texas.  Jason builds his own tattoo machines and owns his own company Bad Brass. He's pretty bad ass if I do say so myself.

Hello cleavage! This is my always talked about lips.  Under the lips it says "fox".  I got them for the red headed fox back in the summer.  This tattoo hurt the least of all (wonder why, haha!). It was also done by Jason at LaRudes in Killeen, Texas. Before I show you my next tattoo I will show you a picture of me getting it....

I was sorta smiling in that picture but in my head I was thinking "OUUUUCCCCHHHH!". I think for me that tattoo hurt the most.

This picture was taken not long after I go it.  I love this chick and feel like she's a rocker version of me. This one was also done at LaRudes.  I like to stick to the same shop/artist if possible.

The last one I am going to show you is my absolute favorite.  The A.A.M. are my step sisters initials she was taken from us way too soon, the year is well the year she left us.  There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of her and miss her more than any words could ever say. This was done at LaRudes by Jason Haney as well.

Since moving to Augusta the red headed fox and I have been in search of the perfect tattoo place for us and are still looking.  I would like to get started on my sleeve sometime in the near future so if you know of any places that you have had good experiences with let me know so I can check them out.

*I do realize I only posted 7 of the 8 I have, but I don't have a good picture of the 8th one and the red headed fox isn't here to take one for me.  Maybe next time. :)

Love & Robots,

Sweet Memories

This past Sunday the family and I had planned to go on a picnic, but mother nature had other plans and rained a good part of the day.  The little ones had been looking forward to it all weekend and the red headed fox and I did not want to disappoint, so we made the biggest fort possible in our living room and had a picnic inside.  Kaylee and Harper LOVED it.  They loved it so much that after their picnic they laid inside the fort reading and looking at books until they fell asleep.  It was such a sweet family memory that I will cherish forever.  I love moments like that.

Our fort, this was the best I could do since it was so big :)

The little ones being sweet and reading stories

Fast asleep...

I've been asked a few questions about my tattoos via formspring so I will be back later on today with a post about my tattoos and their meaning or lack there of.  :) Oh and if your asking yourself what formspring is, it's that little box over there -----------> (at the top) that says ask me anything.  That's right you can ask me any question you want and more than likely I will answer (within reason of course!).

Love & Robots,