Friday, July 23, 2010

101 Things About Me {Part 2}

27. I love "Just Dance" for the Wii. I think it's the best family game ever!
28. I'm usually pretty straight forward.
29. I like to make the bed
30. I have a black lab/German Shepard mixed dog named Frankenstein, we call him Frankie.
31. I love Bewitched.
32. I don't like roses.
33. I like Calla lilies.
34. I've never been to Mexico but I've been to Canada.
35. I had a pony named Jingles when I was younger.
36. Super Mario Brother 3 was my game of choice as a young teen.
37. I think facebook is overrated, but I still use it.
38. I love to swim.
39. I like to bake.
40. I don't like to fish.
41. I collect fabric.
42. I like to read cookbooks.
43. I love a good steak.
44. I can't say "Red Robin" without thinking "Yummm" like on the commercial.
45. I love online banking.
46. Craft supplies makes me happy.
47. Both of my children were delivered via c-sections.
48. The red headed fox was on his second tour in Iraq when Kaylee was born.
49. I had Harper in Alaska, he doesn't do well in this Georgia heat.
50. I'm not a big football fan unless it's the Texas Longhorns playing.
51. I love Mexican food.

Love & Robots,


LunieBin said...

Hey Sasha!!!!! Amy from Luniebin here...I just wanted to say that I got your journals today and I absolutely love them..I can't wait to send them out to everyone......