Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What I've been up to today.....

The other day I went thrifting with the little ones to pass some time and I found a dress. A dress that I wasn't sure if I liked, but ended up getting it anyways. I figured if I didn't like it as a dress then I could just use the material for something else. I bought it and brought it home only to find it fit perfectly everywhere but my "girls". At first I was pretty bummed but I hung it up on my curtain rod so I could think about what I could do to make it fit. I finally decided to turn it into a tank dress and that's what I've been doing this morning. I am so in love with how it turned out and I can't wait to find another dress to do the same with.

What I did--- First I cut the top off, then sewed the tank on (it was a useless tank that I had bought last summer and it was shorter than I like), I chopped off about 5 or so inches in the length and hemmed the skirt. I also added fabric flowers made out of the fabric I cut from the bottom. 

Oh and I just realized the before pic is the back of the dress, but you get the general idea. :)

Total cost of this tank dress -- $8.50, you can't beat that can you?

Now I'm off to do my last assignment for the semester and study for a final! Happy Wednesday!!

Love & Robots,


Ashley said...

Before I read that the before is the back of the dress I thought there is no way that is the same dress lol, but I love it. You are seriously so talented in many different ways Im jealous. I wrote you on FB about the CP stuff.

Courtney said...

Now go show us a photograph of you looking saucy in your new dress!
I wish I could sew (I'm working on it!)

Carrie said...

sew cute haha I could not help myself lol :D but seriously great job!


jacque4u2c said...

I think you rocked and the touch of the fabric flowers is just so awesome!

Lindsay said...

wow!! I love how it turned out!!! that is so creative, I would have never thought of using a tank top!! love it!

PaperCameraScissor said...

oh my gosh you go girl!! Love love it and why didn't I ever think of something like this?--oh that is right I can't sew to save my life.
love ya---gina

{eleise} said...

This is great! You made that dress 10 times cuter! I wanna wear it!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Such a great idea!!! <3