Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thrift {LOVE}

A few finds from our thrifting last Saturday....

If I'm not mistaken my dad had a lunch box like this that he took to work when I was little, I couldn't pass it up and it's in wonderful condition!  Not even a scratch on it.

A few weeks back I found this exact thermos at a different thrift store and ended up passing on it, but this time around I didn't resist. I love it!

Everytime we go to a thrift store, Kaylee gets so excited and has to look at everything. She oooohs and ahhhhhs and tells me how beautiful everything is and normally she gets to pick something out. Here's what she picked out this time, I'm not sure what we will do with them, but they are lovely.

I also scored big in the vintage sheet department. I have been looking for vintage sheets/fabric for forever it seems and never find what I'm looking for, but last weekend I found two different ones! The first one being the sheet photographed with the previous finds and then this one, I love them both so much and everytime I walk into my bedroom and see them it makes me smile.

I scored a few more sweet finds but they are for other people who happen to read this blog, so I'll keep them to myself. :)

I'll leave you with what I've been doing today.......

Love & Robots,


Carrie said...

I bought that same thermos last week I love it!!! Those sheets are great :D


Lindsay said...

wow what awesome finds!!!! I seriously should check out my neighborhood thrift stores, I just need a thrifting buddy!

Anonymous said...

i would've chosen the same items to buy. great stuff you have here. as for those trays, i have some that are almost the same size and i use them to hold my jewelry.

Ashley said...

My grandpa had a a similar lunch box when I was growing back and seeing that took me back to when I would help him pack his lunch. I love the 2nd sheet. It looks like something from liberty of london.

PaperCameraScissor said...

Why oh why is it that all my blog friends love to thrift and my friends I see can't stand going in one? Makes me crazy!! I want a friend to thrift with, to craft with and to scrap with---in real life not through a blog---:( Lets all bye a huge piece of land and live together.

Ok back to myself--I love love the sheets. I am now going to look at every sheet in the thrift stores( shame on you!!). I also love the little trays. I think you could have a little tea party and use them as plates--:D SOunds so cute to me.

I sent out your little goodie today but not the cd. I am having problems with that ---sorry!

love ya--gina