Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sweet Memories

This past Sunday the family and I had planned to go on a picnic, but mother nature had other plans and rained a good part of the day.  The little ones had been looking forward to it all weekend and the red headed fox and I did not want to disappoint, so we made the biggest fort possible in our living room and had a picnic inside.  Kaylee and Harper LOVED it.  They loved it so much that after their picnic they laid inside the fort reading and looking at books until they fell asleep.  It was such a sweet family memory that I will cherish forever.  I love moments like that.

Our fort, this was the best I could do since it was so big :)

The little ones being sweet and reading stories

Fast asleep...

I've been asked a few questions about my tattoos via formspring so I will be back later on today with a post about my tattoos and their meaning or lack there of.  :) Oh and if your asking yourself what formspring is, it's that little box over there -----------> (at the top) that says ask me anything.  That's right you can ask me any question you want and more than likely I will answer (within reason of course!).

Love & Robots,


PaperCameraScissor said...

Yahoooo that was my question( well i think). I love seeing others tattoos. I did see part of them on your other blog but not very much of them.

I have some and I want more!!

I just love forts. We built one a month ago and my boys feel asleep in it.

ann said...

forts are awesome private quiet place for most part. glad to see ur kids got to enjoy that experience. great idea to never let mother nature ruin ur day she tries so hard all the time to ruin anyone's day.

ashley said...

Love the fort! I might have to steal that idea.