Friday, March 26, 2010


I must confess......

I love the Jersey Shore, like LOOOOOVE it.  It's such trash TV but when it was on I couldn't seem to get enough of it.  So you can imagine my excitement when I found out there will be a season 2! I even tried to get the red headed fox to get "The Situation" on the back of his softball jersey, but that was an ill fated battle.

Starting early in the morning I will be getting my GTL on (gym, tan & laundry for those of you not familiar with the Jersey Shore lingo).  Well I'll be getting my gym on and laundry is a daily thing around here but I'm not to sure about the tanning. 

Love & Robots,

P.S. What's on your ipod? I'm trying to think of some new music to put on my beat laboratory and I'm drawing blanks so lemme know your favorite workout songs or just music that makes you want to move!!


MelissaY said...

We <3 jersey shore too....just don't know if it will be the same in Miami...we WILL see!!! And yay for the new season of army wives!!!!!
And a new music fav is ke$ha!!!!

PaperCameraScissor said...

I second the Ke$ha--love her tic toc and Blah Blah Blah.

I also like lady gaga and Beyonce telephone

Anything that Madonna did in the 80's and 90's.

Lindsay said...

Ok I confess, I love Jersey Shore too.... me and my hubby like to watch our fair share of reality trash, it's like a train wreck you cant turn away from! Adding your button now :)

PaperCameraScissor said...

I was going to mail you a mix cd but ran out of time. I will make sure I get that done sometime this week.