Sunday, August 8, 2010

101 Things About Me {Part 3}

52. I've recently discovered that I actually like running.
53. I usually listen to 3OH!3 while doing said running.
54. I prefer Target over Walmart.
55. I find pedicures almost unbearable sometimes because my feet are so ticklish.
56. I want to one day be a roller derby girl. Seriously.
57. I dye my hair black, it's naturally brownish.
58. I love Chi Lattes from Starbucks.
59. I'm currently reading 90 minutes in Heaven.
60. Have I mentioned my love for peanut butter? ;)
61. I wish I had long curly hair.
62. I lose my keys allot.
63. I love watching Friday Night Lights every Friday night. I'm sad that the season is over.
64. Even though I'm from Texas, it really doesn't feel like my home anymore.
65. I love that we get to move all over every few years, it's an adventure.
66. I am terrible at making pancakes. The red headed fox makes them so much better than I do.
67. My first real job was at a steak house.
68. I am so thankful that I am able to be a SAHM.
69. I love to swim.
70. I love socks.
71. I haven't used my "good" camera in forever. I hope to change that soon.
72. I would love to visit Ireland.
73. I'm not big on drinking, it's a rare occasion that I do it.
74. I consider sleeping until 7 am as sleeping in. Sad, I know.
75. I can't stand white bread.
76. I don't really have a favorite color anymore, I like them all for the most part.
77. I'm not a fan of road trips.

Love & Robots,


Ellie said...

I came across your blog, so lovely! I am a photographer in augusta,i lurve those dinosaur pins. I have been working on a similar post for my blog, but haven't posted out of laziness. ha. Let's get t know each other.